CBS (Cannabis Broadcast Station)
All arts created for CBS and their brand SNACKS.
Charity on Top- Logo Rebranding and Presentation Deck
This was a collaboration with Harvey Kaner an amazing Creative Director that guide me to the final product and pitch to the clients.
Branding True Karma
Created the Logo, Branding, Assets and animation for the brand to come to life and launch in El Salvador.
SQUIDS Rebranding - Project Portfolio
Created this new brand based on Squids for a branding project in El Salvador which included branding, Logo Design, Assets + Animation.
Proposal of options for Tilt Marketing
Final views of a Brainstorming Logo design for rebranding Tilt Marketing LOGO options.
Personal Branding/ Creative Brief
The cold, hard, definition of a brand is the perceptions, ideas, concepts, and visuals that distinguish one product from others in the same market. So, when you think about it, the way you speak, work, communicate and write, it all adds up to create a personality that distinguishes you from others, this is my personal brand final project at Full Sail University.
Dultayskate Logo and shirt designs
Logo and t shirt designs created for Dultayskate brand based on their panda logo. Included a medallion that they ended up using as a logo.
Demo Reel
This my my animated demo reel made for the final school project based on my brand.
Re branding Boon Fest
Created and rebranded a campaign for a fictitious festival in NorCal.
Rebranding and Menu Design
Rebranding and Menu design
Battle of the Logos
Full Sail Project 2.4. Brainstorming ideas and the process from sketching to vectorizing the word marks created.
Brief for Bidwell Park Website. Chico, California
You will be selecting and researching your topic, creating a mood book, establishing the content as well as draft a wireframe for your site. All Photography and Design is mine, except for the website inspiration examples.
Rebranding and logo creation brainstorming for this Brands.
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